The opening ceremony and the opening game of Song Viet Male Mini Football Game took place on 16th July, 2015 at Tan Son Nhat Security Border Gate Football Field (A75). This is one of the  most outstanding activities to celebrate birthday of Song Viet Corporation. Male Mini Football Game this year was sponsored by Pepsi Co with the purpose of creating a zone for Song Viet employees to practise, improve health, build a sporty trend and through this occasion, Song Viet has a desire of creating a tight relationship between the company’s departments.

Joining the opening ceremony are the presences of Board of Directors, General Diretors, which included: Mr On Duong (Standing Member of The Board of Directors), Mr Nguyen Quan Tuan (Deputy General Director), Mr Doan Minh Quy (President of Labour Union), Mr Pham Minh Hiep (Deputy Director of Transportation Service), Mr Nguyen Quoc Vinh (Deputy Director of Transportation Service) and 4 football teams (Drivers team, Transportation Service team, Office team and Tan Son Nhat Business team).

After the opening ceremony and giving challenge flags as well as positive encourage to the 4 football teams, all players and spectators were excited and stay focus on the game to cheer for their favourite teams.

ông ôn đường trao cờ lưu niệm cho đội bóng

Mr On Duong (Standing Member of The Board of Directors) gave challenge flags for football teams before beginning the game.

After 60 intensive minutes, Drivers team won over Tan Son Nhat Business team with a 6-4 score; the two remaining teams had a 2-2 tie score. The opening ceremony ended with  two exciting games and the cheering of company’s employees.

 Lịch thi đấu giải bóng đá Nam - Sóng Việt 2015

Song Viet Male Mini Football 2015 schedule

Let take a look at these following pictures:

đội kinh doanh tân sơn nhất

Tan Son Nhat Business team took photos before the game.

đội lái xe hội ý 

Drivers team consulted together before the game.

 đội văn phòng xe

Players from Transportation Service Office took photos before heading to the game.

đội văn phòng công ty 

Players from Company Office practised before the game.

Đội lái xe Sóng Việt giao lưu cùng đội kinh doanh Tân Sơn Nhất

Drivers team met Tan Son Nhat Business team.

               Những pha giao tranh căng thẳng trên sân cỏ khiến khán giả vô cùng hồi hộp                       Exciting shots on the field made spectators extremely excited and nervous at the same time.

khoảnh khắc hiếm hoi

Interesting moments of spectators.

hội cổ động viên sóng việt

These hotgirls supported their favourite team despite of hot weather.

 khan giai hoi hop tren khán đài

Fans were nervous while watching the game.

văn phòng cty hội ý chiến thuật

Company Office team discussed about tactics for the next round.


Mr Dang Hien – MC doubles as a “journalist” watching every detail of the game.





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