Song Viet Corporation is one of the leading non-aviation services providers in Vietnam. We are offering a wide, differentiated range of commercial services for passengers, operators and visitors to Vietnam airports includes domestic and international. In order to become a leading player in the commercial development of the Vietnam airport service, through the optimization, expansion and innovation of the offerings of goods and services to the many different customers and users of airports, beside, Song Viet is expanding our business into financial investment industry and real estate business.

Established on 25/05/2007 with start-up capital of 191, 2 billion VND, in our journey of over 10 years, Song Viet has been a company focused on bringing the best on-airport services that drive our customer satisfaction and now has invested in over 10 different airport service activities across the entire Vietnam airports system.

At present, Song Viet owned business center at Tan Son Nhat international airport, Ho Chi Minh City and other 06 branches at Noi Bai Airport (Ha Noi); Phu Bai Airport (Hue); Da Nang Airport; Tuy Hoa Airport (Phu Yen), Buon Ma Thuot Airport, Lien Khuong Airport (Da Lat), Cam Ranh Airport (Khanh Hoa).


  • Retail Service
  • Transport Service
  • Currency Exchange
  • Advertising + Events
  • Confetti Restaurant 
  • Relaxing Lounge
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Investment

Employing more than 700 people, operating in the entire Vietnam’s domestic and international Airport, Song Viet is expanding various types of services and strongly developing.

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