Once a year, Song Viet annual vacation always gets attention and interest from most of company employees. This is an annual event that is held by the company in order to give employees relaxation after hours of hard-working and build the strong solidarity between company’s members.

The vacation was divided into two periods: the 1st one is on July 21st and 22nd, the second one is on July 28th and 29th with the presence of over 300 employees. Ho Tram 4 star Resort is well-known for its luxury, quiet space, which is one of the best choices for this summer.

According to schedule, the first vacation includes these following places to visit, such as: Minh Dam mountain – Chon Nguyen Zen monastery (Monkey Pagoda) then relax and enjoy food and drinks at Ho Tram Vietsovpetro Resort. Moreover, employees can also have a chance to discover the sea at night or take a rest at spa or try massage service… Employees who attended the second vacation had many amazing memories at Binh Chau thermal spring instead of Minh Dam mountain – Chon Nguyen Zen monastery (Monkey Pagoda).

There were many entertaining activities as well as delicious food to enjoy at famous restaurants of Ho Tram Resort. Especially, there were a lot of memorable, meaningful  moments at Gala Dinner Songviet Summer 2015 with several activities, such as singing contest, team games… This is also a good occasion for Song Viet employees to communicate and build solidarity as a family.

In addition, team building games, swimming were attracted lots of Song Viet members. The eventful performances from the employees also brought many interesting memories of this vacation. Furthermore, blue sea, fresh air gave the most peaceful feelings. After 2 days of spending precious time with various unforgettable moments, the vacation ended with lots of laughters, happiness and there were uncounted moments to longingly remember.

Let take a look at these amazing pictures from Song Viet’s wonderful vacation on July 21st & 22nd and July 28th & 29th:

du lich he 2015

The members were really excited during this journey

song việt tổ chức du lịch

Our employees didn’t forget to take these memorable pictures

 du lich bien

Exciting time with games at the beautiful beach

chơi hết mình

Attended all games with an enthusiastic spirit

du lịch sóng việt 2015

The teams were really excited

du lich he 2015

Amazing teamwork on the beach

ghi lại kỷ niệm trong kỳ nghỉ

Beautiful photos are always best things to keep after this vacation

thả mình trong bãi biển

Taking photos with a fabulous background does not belong to female anymore

khoảnh khắc đáng nhớ trong kỳ nghỉ mát

“Unique” moments in the game

khoảng ckhac dang nhơ

Memorable moments in the pool


A true family


Water polo – the game that attracted these gentlemen


An exciting Gala Songviet Summer Trip Night 2015


There were many amazing presents for the winners


Luxury party at Gala night


Song Viet family’s strong solidarity





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